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BC Rapper Riley Jones aka Slum Glutton


As Slum Glutton, or Riley Jones to those who have known me from the start, my journey in the Canadian hip hop scene is as raw and real as the topics I pour into my music. Born from the struggles and triumphs of life, my artistry is deeply intertwined with my mission to advocate for mental health, addiction recovery, and sober living.

Early Life

Growing up in British Columbia, my early life was a mixture of challenges and creative exploration. Even as a child, music was my refuge, offering a way to express emotions that seemed too complex for words alone. This deep connection to music laid the foundation for what would eventually become Slum Glutton.

Musical Career


My musical career officially began when I decided to use my experiences and stories as fuel for my lyrics. Tackling subjects like addiction, recovery, and the pursuit of a better life, my songs resonate with those who have faced similar battles.


As I evolved as an artist, my music matured, embodying not just my struggles but also my victories. Albums like "Slums Kitchen vol.1" and "Blood x Sweat x Tears" are testaments to this journey, showcasing the raw, unfiltered essence of Slum Glutton.

Style and Influences

My style is a blend of gritty, real-life storytelling with the hope of redemption. Influenced by the greats of hip hop and the sounds of the streets, my music aims to be a voice for the voiceless, shedding light on the darkest corners of society.


  • "Slums Kitchen vol.1"
  • "Blood x Sweat x Tears"
  • "My Enemy (LoBinski Remix)"
  • "Call Pablo"


I've been fortunate to collaborate with artists and producers who share my vision, adding depth and diversity to my music. These partnerships have not only enriched my sound but have also fostered a sense of community within the music industry.


Addressing topics like addiction and mental health through music has not been without controversy. However, I stand by my message, believing in the power of music to heal and bring about change.

Impact on the Music Industry

My hope is that by sharing my story, I can inspire other artists to embrace their truths and use their platforms for good. Slum Glutton is more than music; it's a movement towards awareness, healing, and hope.

Social Media Presence

Through social media, I've been able to connect with fans worldwide, sharing not just my music but also my journey. It's a powerful tool for advocacy, allowing me to spread my message far and wide.

Fan Base

My fans are my family. They've been with me through highs and lows, supporting my vision and mission. Their stories and support fuel my passion to keep creating, keep fighting, and keep believing.

Awards and Recognitions

While the real reward is seeing the impact of my music on others, being recognized by the industry is an honor. It's a reminder that art can be a catalyst for change, and I'm grateful for every acknowledgment.

In conclusion, as Slum Glutton, I am more than just a rapper. I am a storyteller, an advocate, and a believer in the power of music to transform lives. Through my albums, collaborations, and social media, I aim to create a space where difficult conversations can happen, where healing can begin, and where music can be a beacon of hope. Join me in this journey, not just as fans, but as partners in making a difference.

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